One Click to Enhance Video

One Click to Enhance Video Quality to Higher Resolution Automatically

Tipard Video Enhancer provides the Video Enhance function to facilitate your video enhancement process. With this stunning function, you can enhance videos from lower to higher resolutions. For example, you can upscale 480p to 720p, 720p to 1080p, and 1080p to 4K. Upscale resolution is provided to enhance video resolution by analyzing neighbor frames and extracting details for enhancement. Optimizing brightness and contrast is provided to adjust videos in the most appropriate color balance by making light elements lighter and dark ones darker. Remove video noise is provided to clear videos or denoise videos, and you can never mind video noise, the unexpected color in videos like "snow" and "dots".

Shooting Problems You Want to Fix

Too urgent to set the camera? Shoot moving things and blur your focus? Too dark? Overexposed? Shaking video? Too many accidents will influence video quality. Thus it isn't easy to get a perfect video without enhancing the video process, even for professors and photographers. This Video Enhancement software allows you to easily adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, deinterlacing and volume from the Effect function to get your dream effect. Also, reduce the shaking motion of your video to get higher quality.

Shooting Problems to Fix

Edit Video with Multiple Editing Functions

To improve video quality, this Video Enhancer software provides you with multiple functions to customize video, such as video direction, frame size, video text decoration, etc.

  • Cut Videos
  • Crop Videos
  • Rotate or Flip
  • Add Watermark
  • Add 3D Effects
  • Subtitles & Audio
  • Trim Videos
    Cut Videos

    Tipard Video Enhancer can help you trim the video you are going to enhance. The video trimmer function can clip videos in an accurate time range to keep no redundancy. In addition, it enables you to split your video into several parts and merge these video clips according to your unique order.

  • Crop Videos
    Crop Videos

    If you want to remove unwanted borders or black edges from your videos, you can use Tipard Video Enhancer to crop videos with the most suitable visual effects. Except for dragging the yellow border to crop videos directly, you also can input accurate numbers. What's more, there are three modes you can select, which are Letter Box, Pan & Scan, and Full.

  • Rotate Videos
    Rotate or Flip

    With this video quality enhancer, you can rotate videos in a suitable direction to enjoy them on portable devices like iPhone 15/14/13/12/11/X/8/7/7/6/5/4, iPad Pro/iPad mini/iPad Air, and iPod. You also can flip your videos vertically or horizontally. When you use the mirror mode to take videos, you can use this feature to fix it.

  • Add Watermark
    Add Watermark

    If you want to watermark your videos to enrich them, you also can use Tipard Video Enhancer. With this software's Watermark function, you can add image watermarks and text watermarks to your videos. When adding watermarks, you can customize their positions, colors, sizes, opacity, and more as you like.

  • Add 3D Effects
    Add 3D Effects

    Tipard Video Enhancer can help you edit videos with 3D settings to play in your home theater. This program provides widespread 3D effects to you, including Anaglyph, Side by Side Split Screen, Top and Bottom Split Screen, etc. After adding 3D effects to your videos in Tipard Video Enhancer, your videos will look like 3D.

  • Subtitles Audio
    Subtitles & Audio

    You can use Tipard Video Enhancer to disable subtitles if your video has subtitles. If your video does not have subtitles, you can use this tool to add subtitles. If you think your video's background sound is noisy, you can use Tipard Video Enhancer to mute your video or replace the audio track for your video.

Convert Videos to 4K/1080p HD Videos

Apart from enhancing video, this Video Enhancement software allows you to convert videos. You can convert any video format to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, etc. The powerful Video Enhancer software also supports 4K H.265/HEVC Video, 4K H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 4K MPEG-4 Video, WebM-VP8 4K WebM, WebM-VP9 4K WebM, 4K H.264 TS, 4K AVI Video, XviD 4k, 4K H.264 FLV, 4K MKV, YouTube 4K. Besides, you can extract audio, like music, from videos and then save them in any format, like AAC, MP3, WAV, and so on, according to your needs.

Convert Video

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