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Erase Watermark in 3 Quick Steps


Upload Image

Click Select Photo to upload images.

Click Select Photo
Step Inner

Select Area

Use tools to choose watermark area.

Select Area
Step Inner

Remove Watermark

Click Remove and Download to finish.

Save Image

Remove Any Watermarks from Images

Tipard Watermark Remover enables you to remove any types of watermarks from photos quickly, including removing text watermarks, erasing image watermarks, deleting logo, etc.

  • Remove Text Watermark
  • Erase Image Watermark
  • Get Rid of Logo
Text Watermark Image Watermark Logo Latermark
Select Area

Provide Multiple Ways to Select Watermark Area

When you use other tools to remove watermarks from pictures, you must have trouble choosing the exact watermark area to remove. But if you use Tipard Watermark Remove, you will not have this kind of trouble. Because this watermark removal tool provides three ways to select the watermark area. You can use Polygonal when the watermark is irregular. You can use Lasso when you need to reduce the area as far as possible. You can use Brush to choose area precisely.

Erase Watermarks from Any Pictures Easily

Because of its high compatibility, when you use Tipard Watermark Remover, you do not need to concern about the format of your photo. You can use this online tool to remove watermarks from JPG/JPEG/PNG images. Moreover, you also can use Tipard Watermark Remover to remove image watermarks without the picture type limitation. You can easily erase watermarks from pictures you saved from others, product pictures, photos you taken by beauty cameras, etc.

Any Pictures Watermark

Why Choose Tipard Watermark Remover


Crop Images

It enables you to crop images freely after removing watermarks.


Erase Selected Area

If you choose wrong or extra watermark area, you can erase it.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

It is easy to use because of its straightforward interface and clear guide.

No Sign in

No Sign in

You do not have to sign in Watermark Remover to use its all features.

No Quality Loss

No Quality Loss

After removing watermarks, you can get images without quality loss.

No Browser Limit

No Browser Limit

You can use Watermark Remover on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.

Check What Our Users Say



I love this tool very much! Sometimes I get pictures from others with watermarks. With this tool, I can remove watermarks from photos quickly.



Thanks to Tipard Watermark Remover, I have erased a lot of watermarks from images, which make my life more convenient.



As a beginner of image editing, I use Tipard Watermark Remover to delete watermarls from pictures without any trouble.

FAQs of Tipard Watermark Remover

Is Tipard Watermark Remover 100% free?

Is it safe to remove watermarks using Tipard Watermark Remover?

Yes, it is safe to use Tipard Watermark Remover. As you finish removing watermarks, this tool promises to erase your data in 24 hours.

How can I remove watermark from an image for free?

As Tipard Watermark Remover is a free watermark removing tool, you can use it to remove the watermark from an image without spending money.

How do you remove a watermark without blurring it?

You can use Tipard Watermark Remover to delete a watermark without blurring it. Here are steps:
1.Add your images by clicking the Select Photo button;
2.Choose the watermark area;
3.Click the Remove button to finish removal.

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