Best MTS Editor to Edit MTS/M2TS Video Files for You

Edit MTS M2TS Video Files

If you have plenty of MTS/M2TS files from camcorder, what you need is a MTS Editor to edit MTS file or edit M2TS file. Tipard MTS Editor is the best program for editing MTS files with multiple functions.

Just image when you record M2TS files for a wedding party. You might edit the MTS files in order to create a movie by joining different MTS files together, splitting unnecessary MTS part and customizing the features. Here you can find the perfect resolution provided by Tipard MTS Editor.

M2TS Merger & M2TS Splitter

  • 1. Batch loading and batch conversion.
  • It makes it easy to load multiple files at a time. You can just drag-n-drop files into the program.

  • 2. Preview when join or split M2TS.
  • The preview function helps you to join M2TS file or split M2TS file seamlessly. You can cut M2TS file to a certain frame as well.

  • 3. Customize frame rate and resolution.
  • For files recorded in landscape or portrait, you can customize the frame rate or resolution according to your requirement.

Multiple Editing M2TS Function

  • 1. Adjust the effect for Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue.
  • 2. Change the Interlacing video to progressive video.
  • 3. Add text or image Watermark according to your requirement.
  • 4. Change the parameters for video settings and audio settings.

You can also find other multiple edit MTS functions. You can always customize the MTS file, convert MTS to Prores for Fin Cut Studio or import AVCHD file to Final Cut Pro.

How to edit MTS video files

  • 1. Load the MTS or M2TS files to the program.
  • 2. Click the "Cut" button to split MTS file.
  • 3. Select files and click the "Merge" button to join M2TS together.
  • 4. Edit the file with multiple functions with the "Edit" button.
  • 5. Click the "Convert All" button to customize the MTS file.
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Best MTS Editor to Edit MTS/M2TS Video Files for You